The Kenmore Elite 13963 dishwasher is a sufficient dishwashing unit for a family, and it comes with more than the standard features you would expect, making it an attractive option in our dishwasher reviews. However, it does lack good warranty coverage.

This Kenmore Elite built-in dishwasher features two racks that you can fill with up to 14 place settings, including a silverware rack for cutlery. It has only two spray arms, but they feature Kenmore’s powerful 360-degree PowerWash system. This system uses the two spray arms to clean dishes powerfully from all angles. And even with the PowerWash technology, this dishwashing machine is relatively quiet, with only a 46-decibel sound level.

Kenmore gives you six wash cycles and six additional wash options to choose from to clean, sanitize and dry your dishes. These include both standard and more specialty functions. However, you don’t get a small load wash function or a rinse-only wash cycle, which we found disappointing. We do, however, appreciate the china and gentle wash cycles being included.

This integrated dishwasher is already energy efficient and bears the Energy Star label, but you can save even more energy by deselecting the heated dry option to allow the dishes to air-dry. This saves energy by not using the heating element to dry the dishes. You can also use the eco wash cycle to conserve water and energy.

According to its EnergyGuide, this unit is estimated to cost an annual $31 to operate (consuming 290 kilowatt-hours). This makes it less energy efficient than many dishwashers we reviewed.

With the constant use of your dishwasher comes typical wear and tear. This Kenmore integrated dishwasher doesn't have the best warranty coverage, however. Kenmore only offers a one-year warranty across the board for parts, labor, racks, electric components, tub and liner. Typically, manufacturers offer lengthier coverage for the racks, electronics and the tub and door liner.

You can contact Kenmore via email and phone for help and support. You can also access the unit’s user manual on the Kenmore website, but we are disappointed that the company doesn't offer live chat support or FAQs or tutorials specific to this dishwasher.

Kenmore Elite Summary:

We are impressed that this Kenmore Elite dishwasher has some attractive wash functionality, but we are disappointed with the warranty coverage it includes. However, this unit does feature a relatively quiet sound level, and you won’t be disappointed in its functionality.

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Kenmore Elite 13963

This Kenmore Elite dishwasher has an excellent selection of wash cycles and wash options that go beyond the basic features.

It does not have a small load wash function or a rinse only wash cycle.

The Verdict:

The Kenmore Elite 13963 integrated dishwasher has the technology to clean heavily soiled dishes, and it's relatively quiet.