The Frigidaire Professional FPHD2491KF dishwasher is an energy efficient unit, but falls more on the basic side of dishwashers with the wash cycles and wash options it offers. Additionally, Frigidaire doesn’t offer an attractive warranty with this dishwasher, which is disappointing.

This Frigidaire Professional dishwasher uses three spray arms – bottom, middle and top – to clean up to 14 place settings on its two racks. And although they are basic, you have the choice of six different wash cycles and four different wash options for each load of dishes you wash.

Aside from the rinse only cycle, this Frigidaire Professional dishwasher also features a power plus cycle, a normal wash cycle, a light wash cycle, an energy saver cycle and a china crystal cycle. Additionally, the wash options it includes are a sanitize option, high temp wash option, delay start and the air-dry option, which you can add to the wash cycles.

According to the Frigidaire Professional's EnergyGuide, this dishwasher will cost you approximately $30 annually to operate. Additionally, the EnergyGuide says this unit will consume an estimated 283 kilowatt-hours per year.

This Frigidaire integrated dishwasher also features an air-dry option which allows the dishwasher to be even more energy efficient. The air-dry option saves energy by not using the heating element, but it will not dry the dishes as well as the heating element will. You can also select the energy saver wash cycle, which will use less energy and still wash dishes effectively.

We are unimpressed with the unit's warranty. This Frigidaire dishwasher only includes an overall warranty of one year on all the dishwasher's parts. Generally, you will see a lengthier warranty for racks and electronics, and the best manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the tub and door liner.

Frigidaire lists excellent FAQs about dishwashers on its website, but if you still find yourself needing additional help and support after browsing through them, you can contact customer support by phone or email. Frigidaire also has an easy-to-access user manual on its website for convenience.

Frigidaire Professional Summary:

The Frigidaire Professional built-in FPHD2491KF dishwasher has a lot of basic features and some that make it energy efficient. However, it is missing a handful of features you would find in higher-rated units, such as a quick wash cycle and a small load option. You will only have warranty coverage for all components of your dishwasher for one year, much shorter than other units in our dishwasher review.

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Frigidaire Professional FPHD2491KF

You can delay a load of dishes from starting for up to 24 hours.

This built-in dishwasher lacks a small load option and a quick wash cycle.

The Verdict:

The Frigidaire Professional FPHD249KF dishwasher includes many features that make it energy efficient, but it only includes a one-year warranty overall.